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  • The rising demand for coastal homes in Italy

The rising demand for coastal homes in Italy

With its 7,600 miles of spectacular coastline, everything from spectacular rocky cliffs to long, sandy beaches, buying a property in Italy by the sea by the sea never goes out of fashion – worldwide crisis or not.

The most popular coastal region for buyers of second homes is Puglia property, where the Gargano area has seen a 17% rise in requests from prospective purchasers and nearby Salento a 13% rise.The second most popular coastal region is Sicily, with Syracuse, Messina, Catania and the entire east coast (which has seen rises of 9-11%) topping investors’ wishlists.

On the other hand, regions that have seen a drop in demand and prices include Liguria (requests 5% down in Cinque Terre) and Sardinia (down 4% in the Costa Smeralda).

Carlo Giordano, CEO of a leading Italy real estate portal, said: “The trend of prices and request reflect a new interest in areas of our country that until now were less known, while the fall in Liguria and Sardinia can be put down to the normalisation of a rise that in previous years reached levels that were perhaps too high.”

The main movers in the second-homes market are families with children who live in metropolitan areas. For them, a second home – as well as being an investment – may offer the best means of cutting down on the costs of going on holiday that can spiral with large families.

Second-home purchasing costs can typically range from €1,410 per sq in, say, Metaponto, Basilicata, to €5,170 per sq m in Liguria’s Cinque Terre coast. On the Emilia-Romagna riviera, expect to pay around €2,790 per sq m, rising to €3,850 on Tuscany’s Versilia coast.

More affordable are Calabria (€1,450 per sq m in the Costa degli Dei and €1,600 in Costa Viola) and Marches (€2,710 per sq m in the Riviera del Conero).

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