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Archive for the ‘News from Italy’ Category

  • Italian property group eyes prestige London buildings

    10th July, 2016

    Posted in Property andNews from Italy

    It’s often more been common for British property hunters to descend on Italy in search of bargains.But Sorgente, the Italian real estate conglomerate, is turning the tables as it eyes a string of “trophy” purchases in London.It already has in its por...

  • Italian homes are tops for Brits in new property-swap fad

    4th July, 2016

    Posted in Property andNews from Italy

    Italy is Britons' top overseas choice for a new holiday craze – house-swapping. Just under 3.5% of UK adults – an estimated 1.7 million – plan to take their vacations on the cheap this year – by agreeing to temporarily exchange homes with a family i...

  • Italy’s best beaches for kids

    19th October, 2009

    Posted in News from Italy

    Italy’s beautiful beaches are rightly recognised as among the most inviting in the world – indeed, this year no fewer than 113 shores and marinas were granted the prestigious blue flag award. But a leading Italian lifestyle magazine has gone ...

  • Italy to house G8 leaders in cop barracks

    21st May, 2009

    Posted in Abruzzo andNews from Italy

    Leaders of the world's 20 richest nations may have thought they had it tough when they had to turn up for April's G20 summit at London's ExCeL centre, swamped by a bleak grey sea of concrete in a desolate, windswept corner of the capital's Docklands ...

  • Italian earthquake: Prosecutors ponder murder charges

    19th April, 2009

    Posted in Abruzzo andNews from Italy

    To help victims of the Italian earthquake, you can donate via the British Red Cross (phone 0845 054 7201) or their Italian equivalent (in Italian) Murder charges may be brought against constructors responsible for badly constructed buildings that c...

  • Hundreds die in Italy quake

    7th April, 2009

    Posted in Abruzzo andNews from Italy

    As of the time of writing 0730GMT, April 7), at least 179 people are known to have lost their lives in Italy’s deadly earthquake. Another 1,500 have been left injured and at least 17,000 homeless. Some 34 remain unaccounted for. The quake struck jus...

  • Sardinia scraps luxury taxes

    26th March, 2009

    Posted in Sardinia,Property andNews from Italy

    If you’re planning on visiting or perhaps investing in property in Sardinia, the good news is that it’s going to be cheaper to do so, thanks to plans unveiled by new governor Ugo Cappellacci. The small print, however, is that his plans will benefi...

  • Could immigrants drive a resurgence in Italy's economy?

    18th March, 2009

    Posted in News from Italy

    Technorati Tags: Economy,Italy,Italian business,Italian economy Immigrants now account for 9.2 per cent of Italian GDP, official figures show. And nearly five per cent of the 3.5 million foreigners legally residents in Italy owns their own business. ...

  • Italy’s job deaths scandal

    10th December, 2008

    Posted in News from Italy

    One near Belluno, north of Venice. Another in Pavia, south-east of Milan. A third near Bergamo, north-east of Milan. One day. Three deaths. Two badly hurt in hospital. Almost zero surprise. Why? They were simply further additions to an already g...

  • Rome’s bird crisis

    6th December, 2008

    Posted in News from Italy andLazio

    Rome may play host each year to hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world. However, there is one group that is no longer welcome in Italy’s famous capital. Perhaps it was the ignominy of hundreds of them forcing a Ryanair jet into a...