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  • May, 2008

Archive for May, 2008

  • Easter in Italy

    22nd May, 2008

    Posted in Italy andEaster

    Italians pride themselves on their unmatched sense of celebration and occasion. So it’s no surprise to learn that that also applies to the way they see in Easter. Because as the Easter period homes in, homes in Italy get ready to party. If you’re lu...

  • Driving in Italy

    22nd May, 2008

    Posted in Italy andDriving

    You may have noticed it the first time you tentatively stepped on a pedestrian crossing and naively expected traffic to stop for you. Let’s face it, driving around Italy can be an exhilarating way of seeing Il Bel Paese. But for the uninitiated forei...

  • The allure of Umbria

    22nd May, 2008

    Posted in Italy andUmbria

    The allure of UmbriaSome fiercely proud Umbrians will tell you there’s a reason that this scenic region’s name is similar to ombra, Italian for shadow, as they are convinced they have been unfairly cast in the shadow of their neighbours Tuscany. Umb...

  • Christmas in Italy

    8th May, 2008

    Posted in Italy

    Christmas is just around the corner once again. And if you find yourself among the fortunate ones about to spend it in Italy, I’m deeply envious. Anyone who has previously enjoyed Yuletide in Italy will know what delights to expect. Everyone else...

  • Discovering Calabria

    8th May, 2008

    Posted in Calabria

    Calabria is commonly known as the toe of Italy, the portion of the country on the southernmost tip of the boot-shaped mainland. And for far too long it has been the down-at-heel, trodden underfoot region of Italy, ignored not just by foreign vis...

  • The Cilento Coast

    8th May, 2008

    Posted in Campania

    Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, beautiful resorts, beautiful coastline, beautiful people. Property for sale in Italy’s Amalfi region is beautiful to match too. The prices of homes, villas, apartments on the Amalfi coast? Let’s just say they are not for ...

  • Saving Venice

    8th May, 2008

    Posted in Venice

    It’s not often Moses needed a hand in saving his people. But then again they have always done things differently in Venice. The Italian city has been undertaking a controversial €4billion project nicknamed Moses (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccan...