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Property Puglia

For investors looking to buy property Puglia offers a wealth of opportunities. Most buyers tend to be drawn to Ostuni, the region’s famous white city that sits, like a whitewashed citadel, astride three hills.

A two-bedroom restored villa a couple of miles outside Ostuni may set you back around €100,000.

If you’re looking for a trullo in the same area, needing restoration and set in around one to 1.5 acres of land, expect to spend around €90,000.

However, you can pick up a similar property in Puglia for around half the price if you’re prepared to look some 15-20 minutes from the coast.

If you want to be closer to the Adriatic coast, a two-bedroom property in Marina di Ostuni, budget around €200,000.

Once again, however, if you’re prepared to search for property in Puglia just 15-20 minutes further away from the coast, to villages such as San Vito dei Normanni and Carovigno, a similar outlay will be enough to land you a three-bedroom property with a sizeable portion of land.

Another hotspot for property in Puglia is the Gargano promontory, around 170 miles further up the Adriatic coast from the White City and resting on the spur of Italy’s famous boot shape.

This stretch of the shore boasts a breathtaking coastline and numerous beach resorts.

Its most famous is Vieste, which is internationally popular. As well as two long beaches, there is its medieval old town, which sits atop a craggy outcrop, and the nearby sea caves of Castellana and St Michele at Monte St Angelo.

There is affordable property in Puglia to be found here, with a one-bedroom apartment three or four minutes’ stroll from the sea setting you back around €140,000.

But there are reminders that this is a highly desirable spot in which to buy property in Puglia – a three-bedroom apartment in one of Vieste’s classier palazzi along the seafront can go for €550,000.

Another popular town here is Rodi Garganico, from which there are frequent ferries to the scenic Tremiti Islands 40 minutes away.

The Gargano peninsula is one of Italy’s national parks and as such a favourite with nature lovers, hikers and campers.

But the least expensive property Puglia has to offer is in the very south of the region, beneath the imaginary line from Gallipoli on the western Ionian coast Otranto on the opposite Adriatic coast and in villages such as Santa Cesarea Terme and Gagliano del Capo.

Note that Gallipoli is the No1 holiday resort in all of Puglia and has property prices to match. For a chic two-bedroom apartment, expect to pay €225,000 and upwards.

However, property in Puglia’s top tourist destination has excellent rental potential as it  draws not just foreigners but also holidaying Italians.