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  • Italian: The English language invasion

Italian: The English language invasion

Surely it’s English that’s the real hotchpotch of a language. Everything from aardvark (South African Dutch) to zymurgy (Greek) and large helpings of Old English, Latin, French, German, Swahili, Danish and Old Mother Hubbard’s gobbledygook in-between. Now it seems Italian, that noblest of Latin heirs, is determined to follow suit. For instance, browse through a typical Italian newspaper and it would be no surprise to read about un killer on the loose who has left locals in a state of lo shock. Thankfully, police have nailed him, putting un stop to his crimewave. Turn to the political pages and there’s Il Premier Silvio Berlusconi – il leader of the Forza Italia party – calling un meeting of his cabinet to discuss un nuovo budget, what with the deficit running at un record. But it’s not impressed gathering outside the building hurling gli slogan. Mind you, the cabinet and il loro boss Silvio are probably not too bothered about the antics of gli hooligan. But they would probably be a bit more bothered by the reaction from corporate fat cats, i business leader. They don’t need un poll to tell that the Government’s committed un altro gaffe and their plans look like being un gran flop. But enough of politics. Fancy catching up on the football in La Gazzetta dello Sport? Well, il derby last night between i due club di Milan, Inter and AC, proved a real corker, what with both sides pushing each other back with il pressing ‒ until Inter’s Mario Balotelli proved il matchwinner with a header from un corner. It sparked one or two scuffles in the crowd, which kept gli steward busy. But overall it proved un match bellissimo and i fans will be talking about it for days. Then there are the showbiz magazines. Even worse. It seems Jennifer Aniston’s sporting il suo new look now that she’s finally bagged herself un boyfriend. Bet she and il suo partner can’t wait to spend il weekend together in un resort. And as for that Posh Spice, well, she’s always been more la snob than la sexy. A few pages on and there are some prime examples of le showgirl, whose names you probably won’t recognise and whose ambitions start and end with appearing on un reality show and then bagging un VIP or un pop star so they can hang out with all the beautiful people and sui loro yacht. When they don’t want to do a spot of il clubbing or swig i cocktail in un bar or un disco, that is. And finally, if you think you need un po’ di restyling, the fashion editor’s an expert on il beauty and what are gli accessori must. She’ll tell you all about il new look this summer, which apparently involves applying il make-up only sparingly. I color for this season sono black and white, combining un T-shirt extra large with un paio di jeans. It’s il nuovo trend, don’t you know. Mind you, the English do a pretty good job of mangling their language all by themselvesThe author writes for Italy real estate website Homes and Villas Abroad and specialises in Sicily property and property in Tuscany.