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Abruzzo’s Majella National Park

Buying property in Abruzzo has numerous advantages. Apart from the relatively cheap cost of property in Abruzzo, one can also marvel at one of the stupendous wonders of nature in this part of Italy.

Because almost like a large wall facing the Adriatic Sea and Balkans; this is the scenic location of the Majella National Park in the most striking part of the Apennines of Abruzzo.

It covers some 185,000 acres, extending over the Abruzzo provinces of Chieti, Pescara and L’Aquila.

And there are approximately 500 kilometres of paths, ideal for both the expert trekker as well as the beginner who is content to stroll at his or her leisure and admire the stunning natural surroundings.

Because of the Majella National Park’s position, size and climate, it has a rare and diverse biodiversity. There are 2,100 species of flower as well as several animals that are all but extinct elsewhere in Italy.

Deer populate virtually every area of the Majella and the brown bear has also been seen in several locations, as has the Apennine wolf, no longer to be found on the outskirts of property in Abruzzo’s towns, scouring for food, but returned to its natural hunting grounds in the mountains.

The otter, possibly the park’s most exclusive animal, has been spotted in the Orfento and Orta Rivers. But the Majella is home to other wonderful species, such as the salamander, royal eagle and woodpecker.

The park is also the only place in all of Mediterranean Europe that remains the natural habitat of a very rare bird called the piviere tortolino, a type of seashore bird. In addition, no fewer than 116 types of butterfly have been spotted here during the day at more than 700 at night.

But if you are considering buying property in Abruzzo, the Majella’s attractions also include its history, culture and art. Before deciding where to start looking for your dream property in Abruzzo, explore its numerous welcoming ancient hamlets, such as the spa town of Caramanico Terme, dating back to the 12th century.

Or how about Pacentro, where one can visit the ruins of the 14th century Cantelmo Castle? Then there is also Pescocostanzo, with its splendid palace built in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Majella National Park is also characterised by an artisan tradition with a lot of traditional workers of jewellery, ceramics, fabrics and lace.

Additionally, it is now possible to view the park “virtually”, by visiting and clicking on the link il geoportale turistico GISST.

It offers you a stupendous aerial view of the Majella and allows you to plan your visit at your leisure, so you to pinpoint the best places to see its wildlife at close quarters.

For further information on buying property in Abruzzo, please visit our advanced property search page.