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New homes and real estate in Italy

There are several reasons people buy new homes in Italy. There’s the appeal of moving into a property where everything – from gleaming kitchen appliances to newly laid wooden flooring – is in pristine condition. You can often ask for internal layouts, fixtures and fittings to be designed just how you want them. And there are no “chain” delays from waiting for the sellers to move out. When it comes to off-plan developments and new real estate, Italy has an impressive array to choose from.

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Another advantage of buying new property in Italy is cost. Off-plan properties can typically be sold at a discount of up to 30% compared to their cost when finished – meaning, of course, that by the time you take hold of the keys you could already be sitting on a considerable capital profit. Additionally, new houses will generally be built along more energy-efficient lines, allowing further savings on utility bills.

A good number of new homes in Italy are part of large developments that can house scores of apartments, villettes and villas. As well as buyers being able to decide on the layout of a property, it also means they have a much wider choice of property to select from. Of course, new-builds are not confined to large developments and at Homes and Villas Abroad we showcase a range of houses and apartments in much more private settings.

For buyers’ peace of mind, new properties in Italy are covered by a 10-year guarantee, so that should your property develop a fault, the building company is legally responsible for putting it right.

Further cast-iron protection comes from the Italian law (decree 122/2005), which dictates that building companies must offer purchasers a surety bond backed by a bank, insurance company or a financial broker authorised by the Bank of Italy. The bond guarantees that when you buy an off-plan property, you will be refunded your deposit should the builder fail to complete the property – for reasons of bankruptcy, for instance.

It is also possible to guard against late completion of properties by agreeing a contract with the builder stipulating a deadline and spelling out what penalties the company would incur for being late.



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