The Cilento Coast

May 8th, 2008 | by Ainsley |

Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, beautiful resorts, beautiful coastline, beautiful people.
Property for sale in Italy’s Amalfi region is beautiful to match too.

The prices of homes, villas, apartments on the Amalfi coast? Let’s just say they are not for the faint-hearted. Now there is an affordable alternative. In truth it has always been there but for too long house buyers in Italy have, understandably kept it a secret to themselves.

Just 40 miles south of Amalfi lies a stretch of spectacular coastline with everything the Amalfi beaches have to offer but at a fraction of the prices. Say benvenuto to Campania’s Cilento coast. It stretches roughly from Paestum in the north to Sapri, some 60 or so miles away to the south. In between there are some 200 truly charming towns and villages on the Tyrrhenian Sea, each with their own character –

Agropoli, Castellabate, Casal Velino, Palinuro, Maratea, Acciaroli and Pioppi to name a few.

Properties in Campania

And if you’re looking for houses, flats and other property for sale in Campania ,especially a sea view property, Cilento coast has something to suit all budgets.

A new build apartment in Casal Velino is available from just €65,000, for instance. A two-bedroom sea front apartment in Acciaroli can be yours for €220,000. Further up the scale, a superbly renovated four-bedroom villa in Punta Licosa has a price of €


Paestum, just 40 miles from Amalfi itself, was a centre of Greek civilisation as long ago as the seventh century BC, when it was called Poseidonia. It retains three imposing Greek temples as well as other ruins that are an absolute must-see. Many visitors use Paestum as a base from which to take daily excursions to nearby places of interest such as Velia, Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Then there is Agropoli, perched almost precariously on the rocky coast a few miles further down. Its atmospheric old town, with its inviting small alleys, boasts a castle dating from the sixth century and Porta Aragonese, the city gate, erected in the seventh.

Be sure also to sample the white sandy beaches of the Baia di Trentova, which overlooks the sea and offers a breathtaking view of Ischia, Capri and the Amalfi coast.
Yet the delights of this part of Campania are not limited to towns by the sea, with their beguiling cliffs and coves, their luxuriant sandy beaches and their cobalt-blue waters.
There is the National Park of Cilento and Vallo Di Diano, the second largest in all Italy and deservedly acclaimed as a UN World Heritage site, an accolade also bestowed on the archaeological sites of Velia and Paestum.

Nature-lovers will find the national park a heavenly delight, especially for its vast array of flora and fauna, which number some 1,800 plant types. Then again the Cilento coast is the kind of place that grows on you like no other.

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